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How to select an awning for your vehicle

Selecting an awning for your vehicle.  We get quite a few questions on what size and type of awning would be the best fit for a particular vehicle and lifestyle, and as with most things there really is no one size fits all answer. There are a number of variables to consider and we will outline a few of them and discuss the options.   First, let us address the two main styles of awnings on the consumer market:   Straight Awnings.  Straight awnings are a bit more common, and generally what most people think of when they think of a vehicle awning. A great example of a straight awning would be ARB’s Touring series of awnings which come in...

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Wrapping Up Production

  Just a quick update on our initial production run: We are finishing initial production as we speak. Once all machining is done, they go to the powder coaters, then all hardware is assembled. Before the product goes into a box to ship, it is gone over one more time to make sure everything is finished and there are no quality concerns. Once I am satisfied, off to you it goes to mount your awning up! Instant shelter for beer drinking, ice fishing (check the ice first!), camp fire-ing, or whatever your heart desires. Order. Install. Live the dream. Repeat.

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We at Bomber Products are very excited to be nearing our first production run of the Awn-Lock, and have made a multitude of changes and improvements since the original design idea that I came up with nearly one year ago. We will never stop improving any of our products, but at this point we have settled on a final design (for production). The next step is to ask all of our customers, and potential customers, and critics, and anyone else who has any input at all: What would you like to see next?    Is there an idea that you have heard, or had, or seen, that you think we should act on? Please let me know! You can either comment...

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Blue Ridge Overland Gear

    We here at Bomber Products are huge fans of BROG, which is why we also sell their products. Take a look at their product line in the Blue Ridge Overland Gear tab and watch this video!    

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4 Reasons Your Vehicle Needs an Awning

     "There is no such thing as bad weather, only the wrong gear.” This message, though often repeated by serious outdoors people, holds true for any of us who leave the comforts of insulated homes and air-conditioned buildings. Indeed, we all know layering quality clothes or wearing SPF protection (sometimes at the same time!) do wonders to improve our comfort outdoors, whether we’re seasoned explorers, cheering at a live football game, or just hanging out with our buddies.       This isn’t an article about clothes, however. This is about the ultimate all-weather shelter device, the awning. You can carry a compact, fast-deploying awning on the roof of almost any car with nothing more than an easy to find...

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