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We at Bomber Products are very excited to be nearing our first production run of the Awn-Lock, and have made a multitude of changes and improvements since the original design idea that I came up with nearly one year ago. We will never stop improving any of our products, but at this point we have settled on a final design (for production). The next step is to ask all of our customers, and potential customers, and critics, and anyone else who has any input at all: What would you like to see next? 


Is there an idea that you have heard, or had, or seen, that you think we should act on? Please let me know! You can either comment on our blog, or on our Facebook, our Instagram, or our Twitter

We appreciate the feedback, and will pick a lucky person who gives an idea to win a Bomber Products T shirt! They're new, they're cool, and they're pretty much all I wear anymore.


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