How to select an awning for your vehicle

How to select an awning for your vehicle

Selecting an awning for your vehicle.

 We get quite a few questions on what size and type of awning would be the best fit for a particular vehicle and lifestyle, and as with most things there really is no one size fits all answer. There are a number of variables to consider and we will outline a few of them and discuss the options.

ARB 2000 Touring Awning Beach


First, let us address the two main styles of awnings on the consumer market:


Straight Awnings.

 Straight awnings are a bit more common, and generally what most people think of when they think of a vehicle awning. A great example of a straight awning would be ARB’s Touring series of awnings which come in three sizes: 1.25 meters (about 48 inches), 2.0 Meters (about 78 inches) and 2.5 meters (about 98 inches).

  ARB 2000 Touring Awning

The straight awnings are often the best bang for your buck with a low entry cost, and offer a tremendous value for your money. Many different brands have a number of accessories like rooms, walls, and mosquito netting to suit a number of different uses and scenarios. Because of their simplicity this style of awning can be mounted in a couple different ways and on a huge variety of vehicles.


Wing Style Awnings.

Foxwing Moab

 Wing style awnings are usually a step up in the awning world and function using a pivot point to encompass an area on one side of your vehicle as well as the rear. These awnings are also sometimes called 270 degree awnings. A great example of a wing style awning is the Foxwing. This enables you to maintain coverage over the tailgate of your truck ,to cook for example, while also covering whichever side the awning is mounted on. As with the straight style awnings, there are a number of accessories for the wing style awnings such as walls and extensions to block wind/rain/sun or provide more covered area for larger groups of people. This style of awning is extremely well suited for people who want more coverage, especially over the rear of their vehicle for cooking, games, field repairs, etc.


Choosing an awning for your vehicle.

 There are a couple fairly simple criteria to consider when choosing an awning to mount to your vehicle. 


How much coverage do you need, and where will it be the most useful?

 If you plan to use your awning mostly for cooking or other tasks that utilize the tailgate, rear coverage can be very useful. In this case a Foxwing awning or a 1.25 meter awning mounted to the rear of your vehicle make quite a bit of sense.

If you want to use your awning primarily for relaxing and to provide shelter from sun/rain then a straight 2.0 meter or 2.5 meter awning mounted to the side of your vehicle would be sufficient. 


How big is the vehicle you will be mounting your awning to?

 As long as it is safely mounted, which size awning you install is more of a personal choice. Generally however we tend to see most mid size SUV’s adorned with 2.0 meter awnings with full size SUV’s and many trucks using 2.5 meter awnings.  

Thanks for reading! Please feel free to email us at if you have any questions at all regarding awning installation or selection for your vehicle!



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  • Corey Tando

    Great article!
    I am thinking of getting rid of my old 2 meter Campinglab awning and upgrading to a 270 one.
    Question is whether my BajaRack awning mounts can hold the extra weight without bending, I think they can.

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