Eezi-Awn Manta 270 Awning Wall Set

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The Eezi-Awn Manta 270 Awning Wall Set fully encloses your Manta Awning, creating more than 100 sq. ft. of protection from the elements on the passenger side. Made from the same 260-gram Teflon coated poly-cotton ripstop material as the awning itself, the set is comprised of two panels that zip together at the center. Each set has two windows and one door. Best of all, its made in Eezi-Awn’s Johannesburg South Africa facility, the same facility as their famous Series 3 and XKLUSIV roof top tents. It's guaranteed quality that you can rely on!


  • Waterproof Ripstop Canvas
  • Lightweight Anodized Aluminum Framework
  • Over 100 Sq. Ft. of Coverage
Item #1394
Material 260-gram Waterproof Ripstop Canvas
Color Beige
Item EZAxxx