Khaya Camper

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The Alu-Cab Khaya Camper is one of the most innovative and compact campers for pickup trucks. It features a "tig" welded aluminum extrusion exoskeleton, giving it a high strength to weight ratio. The Khaya Camper allows you to keep all the offroad capability of your vehicle while also affording far more comfort and convenience. 

Included in the basic camper, weighing in at 750lbs dry, is 4 large exterior storage compartments, a main cabin with ample storage and a raised bed platform with a high density foam mattress. The Khaya Camper features a heavy duty, fast deploying pop-top that allows you to set up camp in well under 5 minutes. The fabric is fully waterproof and the construction is remarkably sturdy. The roof is designed to be able to install cross beams that can support your favorite outdoor equipment like bikes or kayaks. 

There are a large number of options that can be installed on the basic camper to turn it into a full-featured adventure rig. 

The Khaya is quite new to the United States, having been introduced after meticulous adaptation to the new continent's requirements and climate. Each Khaya Camper is hand built in Cape Town, South Africa.