CBI Bolt on Rock Sliders - 3rd Gen Tacoma

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CBI bolt on Toyota Tacoma rock sliders are 100% bolt on, with no cutting, drilling or welding required. Get the strength you need to lift your vehicle with a jack. Also our sliders will take the abuse of gnarly off-road trails rather than the rocker panels of your truck!

CBI offers sliders with the most evenly spaced stand offs to the frame that give them the best performance and strength compared to other manufacturers. (No long unsupported length near the back end) The rock sliders can also be used as a lifting point for a hi-lift jack and will support the full weight of the vehicle.

Available Upgrades: 

D.O.M. (Drawn Over a Mandrel) is a processed applied to tubing after initial construction. This process alters the microscopic structure of the steel, giving it increased strength and soundness. This upgrade is highly recommended for those looking to abuse their sliders, as they will hold up better to continued hard hits on rocks. 

The "Kickout" option is a very functional and usable feature along with adding to the overall look of the vehicle. The kickout is located at the rear of the slider near the rear wheel and tire. The purpose of the kickout it to help kick or push your vehicle out and away from obstacles like trees and rocks as you navigate around them. As the vehicle is pushed away from the obstacle you will create room for the tire to pass and eliminate or minimize the possibility of damage to your tire, wheel, or fender area.The kickout portion of the rock sliders sticks out 17' from the vertical side of the frame going out and away from the vehicle. The "kickout" design can also be useful as a stepping area to access roof racks, bed racks, or other parts of the vehicle.