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Perfect Squeeze Phone Mount

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The Perfect Squeeze is made from precision-machined aluminum and stainless steel, and it works with almost any phone and any case, in landscape or portrait orientation. With multiple mounting options for vehicles and motorcycles, the Perfect Squeeze is designed to withstand vibration and tough terrain so you can use your phone as a GPS anywhere. 


The Perfect Squeeze uses EPDM gripper posts with just the right amount of taper to lock your phone in place. And the clamping screw has a ball-detent so it won't vibrate loose while you ride, no matter how buzzy your bars are.


Product Specifications

Physical Specs:

  • Made from 6061 aluminum and stainless steel
  • 7oz

Phone Compatibility:

  • Fits Most phones small and large (Max Jaw opening 3.5")
  • Compatible with all phone cases

Mounting Options:

  • Has an AMPS hole pattern on the back so you can use it with any RAM mount or other AMPS-compatible system. Mounting solutions sold separately by Hondo Garage.