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The Skottle originated as a South African improvised grill, made primarily by farmers who found an alternate use for their used harrowing discs. The ingenuity and practicality of the Skottle soon caught on throughout South Africa and the world. Anything you can cook using a skilled, pan, grill, or wok can be cooked on a Skottle. 

The Tembo Tusk Skottle comes pre-seasoned from the factory, and can be re-seasoned using any standard cooking oil. Like a cast iron pan or dutch oven, the Skottle gets better with use. 

The Tembo Tusk Skottle is designed to work using a standard Coleman single burner stove which is not included with the purchase of the Skottle. The cooking surface is 18" across and stands 28" inches high when assembled with the three included, removable, support legs.

Purchase with: Coleman Single Burner Stove

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