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The Skottle Storage Bag

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The last thing you want to do to your Skottle, and your vehicle, is have it bang around scuffing things up. Luckily there is a solution to that nightmare: The Skottle Storage Bag.

The Skottle Storage Bag is made from vinyl coated polyester (the same stuff truck tarps and bouncy houses are made of) reinforced with two strips of one inch nylon webbing that also make up the handles. The Skottle Storage Bag actually consists of two components: The main bag and the leg bag. The main bag is large enough to hold your Skottle cooking surface, Coleman stove, and a couple of one pound propane bottles. The leg bag holds, you guessed it, the legs. The zipper on the main bag is #8 YKK zipper, and the leg bag uses a one inch nylon webbing keeper to hold it shut. 

The best part about The Skottle Storage bag is that it is made by our friends at Blue Ridge Overland Gear in  the U.S.A. 

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